Piggy Updates

Our office piggy is a really hard working woman.
Please find below updates about her collections
It's the 11th of May 2012 now and since a good couple of weeks the round green lady is collecting money for the 'Tangkahan Education Centre - TEC'.

I am about to create my own charity 'ILP Fusion' to support projects like the TEC, and in the meantime piggy is collecting pennies from my sweets addicted friends. How wonderfully things are falling into place.

We however will not abandon Orangutan Land Trust - OLT entirely. The charity will be created in a way that we will be able to support other charities and organisations and we will still be in touch and co-operate, hopefully even more than before. 

From September 2000 to April 2012 my office chaps have contributed 

£ 487


The last donation of £80 was made directly on the OLT site to make sure the money arrives quickly. Michelle was on a shopping spree for medical supplies for her trip to Nyaru Menteng. Although I can't find the confirmation email to prove the day I submitted, it we at least know that the money went straight to the destination we wanted it to go.

28th December 2011:
We have a new fundraising page with BT MyDonate and have 
collected a whopping £152 throughout the year.

28th December 2010: £40

By December 2010 it was decided that we would not use Justgiving anymore but would use the donation page of OLT directly

By October 2010 piggy had raised £215

Start of collecting for Orangutan Land Trust : September 2009