Friday 11 May 2012

Tangkahan Education Centre

This is my new baby!

When I travelled to Tangkahan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, in summer 2011, we were introduced to the English School; a bunch of children on a pebbly beach. During the past year I supported them to rent a house, and to get some furniture and books and now we want to take it to the next level. 

I visited again in April 2012 and it was decided to include the 'Tangkahan Education Centre', as it now will be called, into a MOU with the local authorities. This is keeping me busy now. We will need money to pay for a part time teacher and to get good material for the school. 

Creating a charity is a bit of a scary thing, and all that legal stuff is only penetrating my brain slowly. In the meantime the office piggy has started to collect pennies and the new poster created a lot of interest and I found a lot of help and inspiration already. 

So, please stay tuned! I am hoping to be back with loads of good news soon!

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  1. Hi Redspect,

    sorry, had to check out your charity as part of my spam policy.

    'Mawadda international aid' is a registered charity No. 1143248

    Happy to support you with this link. Best wishes for your projects!